Onerent's unique Partners Program has demonstrated great success stories for our partners.    

The Boyenga Team, ranked one of the Top 10 Real Estate Teams, has partnered with Onerent and our complementary partnership has enabled them to offer their clients state of the art property management without having to undertake the burden of doing so. 

Our program is designed to better serve your clients and allow you to focus on your core business. 

Earn 25% monthly revenue with Onerent: The Boyenga Team Success Story

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Monthly revenue share


Receive a 25% share of the revenue earned for each referred client that signs up for Onerent’s property management services.

Onerent Partner Benefits

Receive Sales Referrals

Earn Cash from Referrals

Over 70% of our clients have expressed an interest in expanding their real estate portfolios in the next 1-2 years. We will always refer any sales from our network of clients to our Partners Network. 

Build Your Brand

Partner with us to conduct various digital marketing campaigns utilizing techniques such as retargeting, while also leveraging our network of partners, investors, clients, and prospects to distribute messages to a precisely targeted audience. 


Our Current Partners

Refer clients who need property management but maybe are outside of your service area or that you don't have time to manage. Onerent pays you 25% of our revenue for a year per referral.

Onerent has a proven track record of quickly finding new residents, while still achieving market rates. Your client will get personalized advice from our expert team on how to get the most from your rental.

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We know homes just like your client's.

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